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Orange Sky

by J.E. Gaudet (Goodreads Author)


Jean Vaughan's review

It was amazing. Read 2 times.


I count myself very fortunate to have been selected by Goodreads and the publisher of Orange Sky to review this epic novel, much of which will remain with me for life. If I could have given more than 5 stars I would have, such is the impact made. Fundamentally a love story, nothing is as you expect.

Part One introduces Team Phoenix, an elite group of 6 soldiers sent to Libya to train ground troops about weapons and tactics. As part one unfolds I came to see, feel, and taste the difficult environment in which they were existing, the imagery was so powerful and can confess to re-reading these first 50 pages several times, trying to get into the minds of the soldiers. Part one concludes with one of the 6 being slaughtered by one of his own group, witnessed by the others, and taking the bullet for his best friend Hart who from now on becomes the main character in the novel. PTSD is the result of this conflict and I vow nobody has ever described the effects of this better, leaving me weeping at times at the gut wrenching behaviours displayed.

Part Two now centres on the relationship of three of these soldiers with the sister of Oliver, the soldier murdered but primarily Hart who over the next year endeavours to conquer his disability, find the ability to relate to others and also to find and obliterate the murderer. With his mind almost destroyed it is a long haul back, beautifully, brilliantly written.

I don't want to give any more details to the plot, I want everyone reading this to get a copy of the book, read it slowly, digest it and find their own opinion. No book has deserved such attention.




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