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"Orange Sky by J.E. Gaudet is a breathtaking novel, it has all the elements of a great love story. I defy any reader to not enjoy this story, to not find it gripping and to be able to put it down with ease." - Readers' Favorite Review 5 stars

"Netflix, here is your next series!" Independent reviewer

"Orange Sky is breathtaking, you will find yourself lost in its words and its pages. This book speaks to the reader in all the best ways and that is what a reader wants!" - Readers' Favorite Review 5 stars

"I was on edge the whole book. The only time I put the book down was to eat . I will recommend Orange Sky to all my friends. Thank You J. E. Gaudet." - Amazon Reader Review 5 stars

"If I could have given more than 5 stars I would have, such is the impact made. With his mind almost destroyed, it is a long haul back, beautifully, brilliantly written." - Jean Vaughan Goodreads Review 5 stars

"Such a great read! I couldn't put it down. I loved the characters and am still thinking about them. Please write a sequel and continue the love story!" - Amazon Reader Review 5 stars

"Reads like a Blockbuster movie. Knock, knock... Hollywood!" - Indian Ocean Press 5 stars

 Orange Sky book cover most popular romance novel

J.E.GAUDET author of Orange Sky

Orange Sky Cover


Three of her brother's soldiers walk into Ivy's life after his death and inevitably expose her to a terrifying world of war, enmity, and a betrayal she learns has forged an intricate path of destruction in the minds of the soldiers. The four friends find themselves navigating an unchartered, modern world that will test their inner strength, unveil their deepest fears, and lay bare the raw passion of living in the present.



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Divinely entrenched in the hearts of the Phoenix soldiers, Ivy Rose must let go of her past before she can embrace a future that seems too good to be true. But when the past proves too valuable to leave behind, a startling secret is revealed, forcing Ivy to make a decision that will see her walk away from the three soldiers whom she now lives and breathes.


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A sneak peek because I feel so bad for t
Orange Sky cover 2
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So excited about the redesigned cover of
After a HUGE break, I have started writi
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🔥BOOK ONE - ORANGE SKY - AVAILABLE NOW - 5 STARS on Amazon, iBooks, Reader's Favorite, Nook, Kobo,
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Orange Sky Chapter Giveaway has reached well into the thousands 🙏 I do hope you all enjoy
Loving the divine posts of Orange Sky✨this is ultimate relaxation!_mrsazzollini 😍🙌
_It is not about there being something or someone bigger out there that you should believe in
Going through the final stages for the release of #orangeskythenovel ✨ ebook is now in my hands and
I have a lot on my mind these days, but three soldiers have been talking to me in my sleep and it's
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🙏♥️Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite; _Orange Sky by J.E. Gaudet is a thrilling
🖤⛓🔪_Embrace the dark. Save yourself...
and the sun was out all weekend like 👋👋👋 #sunsetswimsinwinter #orangesky #swimmingnotwriting
Re-reading scenes from my own novel because, now and then, real life tends to cloud the headspace of
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